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Bletchley Park

Some of you may know of Bletchley Park. I only first heard of it after recently tuning into the PBS television series "Bletchley Circle".

Bletchley Park was a top secret code-breaking headquarters in England that employed thousands of puzzle solvers and clerks during the second World War. These workers (a large percentage were women) signed silence agreements (Official Secrets Act) after the war and were forbidden to speak of their activities during the war - they could not even tell their spouses or family members. The British government only started recognizing these heroes in 2009!

Bletchley Park was recently saved from disrepair and is now being restored. If you're in the area you can tour the site of the codebreakers. Read more about it here. The following photos came from the Bletchley Park archives.

Photo from PBS' series "Bletchley Circle". The series takes place in 1952. I so love the costumes!

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