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Weiberfastnacht What's that?

Weiberfastnacht or Fat Thursday is held on the Thursday before Lent. Traditionally people gather together to eat all kinds of sweets and pastries before the fasts of the Lenten season begin. In Germany Fat Thursday is known as Weiberfastnacht (Ladies' Carnival). It is an unofficial holiday and is regionally celebrated by women storming the town halls and cutting ties of of men. Fabulous costumed parties are given for and by the ladies and may feature sweaty male dancers. I really think we're missing out on something, my friends...

The Fastnacht (Berliner or jelly doughnut) is traditionally eaten on Fat Thursday through to Fat Tuesday (aka Carnival, Mardi Gras). Feasts, gorging and debauchery end by Ash Wednesday and fasts are traditionally observed until Easter Sunday.

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