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Valentine's Greetings

Over the years Valentine's greetings have evolved and changed with the times. What now seems hysterical, strange, or downright creepy was seen as sweet and clever. If you've seen some odd cards - please share!

Nothing says love like bloomers with a heart on.

How romantic, now how to stop this itch.

How hungry are you?

Someone thought long and hard about this card - flirt, pert, alert, hurt, dirt, shirt. The only thing that doesn't rhyme is Valentine.

Mystery date card.

Reader Comments (2)

Oh! These are so cute!

Do you sell vintage valentines?
02.13.2013 | Unregistered CommenterMary Lou Chigoe
No, sorry, I do have my own collection - I find these type of cards at garage and estate sales and they're still pretty reasonably priced!
02.28.2013 | Registered CommenterVinzia

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