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Vintage Camping


Camping! Love it? Hate it? Growing up we had a Starcraft pop-up camper for a family of 6. I remember NEVER being able to touch the canvas ends, because um, something about the oil on the hands reversing the water-proofing of the fabric. I was in constant fear of inadvertently touching the fine weave.

Also fresh in my mind - mini outward bound camp with the Girl Scouts.  We made our own lean-tos and slept on a hill in our slick water-proof sleeping bags. We woke up about 20 feet down the hill. Did I mention the 'fun' chocolate chip cookies we made over the fire? Luckily I was 20 feet down the hill when I threw up all that half baked cookie dough. Thank goodness for the tornado warnings - which got us warm beds in a basement.

Oh, I could go on, we all have our stories - I'd LOVE to hear yours!


Bedazzled and Bejeweled

I was absolutely blown away when I saw this FULL SIZE kitchen made out of over 30 MILLION beads!

The installation was created by artist Liza Lou (along with the life sized backyard still life). The room is 168 square feet of delicate glass beads - all placed with tweezers and glued onto surfaces one by one! It took Liza Lou five years to create the room!



For years we have been telling you about Eucalan. (see this blog entry and this blog entry) Now you have a chance to win a year's supply! All you have to do to win is LIKE their Facebook page. So simple!

Perfect for all your vintage garments, your delicate items and of course for your wools. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? Enter Now!





A Love Affair 

The theme is red and white. Always fresh. Always cool - even on the hottest of days. has a large selection of beautiful summer garments, hats and accessories. Do you know we have bedspreads and blankets just itching to get out in the countryside for a quaint picnic? Stop in and browse awhile. The water is fine!

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